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Subject: Youtube ....plz help !!??
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akramwap 19.06.12 - 12:24pm
How can i play youtube videos ,or any website contain videos On My C3-OO NOKIA ??? DO I NEED SPECIAL BROWSER FOR IT !?? *

aks700 19.06.12 - 07:08pm
Try to connect by m.youtube.com. when u choose to play a video u got options to select quality n player. Choose flash player beta, if this function doesnt exists, go to OVI store and download free youtube player. *

akramwap 19.06.12 - 10:28pm
Thanks so much, will try rite Now happy.GIF *

aks700 20.06.12 - 04:54am
You are welcome, nokia c3-00 supports youtube so hope you get your problem solved. *

hunny199 27.11.12 - 06:04am
I m huny frm pakistan and my prob is...
How can i open youtube when it block *

vivek_v 27.11.12 - 09:20pm
Hunny sum vdo not allow in pakistan so u cant..bt change browser or ur ip..than maybe u can. *

aks700 2.12.12 - 01:58am
Use proxy websites like www.iproxy.tk *

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